Automatic rotary machines

Automatic rotary machines

Telm rotary machines are automatic filling and capping solutions for glass jars or plastic containers.

They are suitable for those who want a sturdy and compact, long-lasting machine, where the manual intervention is reduced to a minimum.

Thanks to characteristics and strengths such as robustness, compact structure and small dimensions, they are particularly suitable in the following fields:
– food sector, for filling and capping jams, sauces, sauces and pâtés, toppings, chocolate creams, pastry ready mixes, mayonnaise, ketchup and dressing sauces
– cosmetic sector, to dose creams, shampoos, conditioners, leave-in, lotions, detergents, hair gels, hand sanitizing gels.
– chemical sector, to fill detergents, sanitizers, paints, pastes and colours.

With a high possibility of customization and configurations, including the application of labelling machines, markers and end-of-line equipment, they can also be joined to existing production lines


Caps feeding can be done manually by the operator or automatically by:

Vibrating caps feeders

elevatore magnetico personalizzabile- Telm srl

Magnetic feeders

elevatore tappi - Telm srl

Plates elevators

Kerman macchina automatica rotativa


Loading rotary table

Mechanical feeders and elevator for plastic containers

According to production needs, the filling station can be equipped with:

Product feeding can be done:

  • Manually, pouring the product into the hopper
  • Loading pumps automatically actuated by the level sensors in the hopper
  • Direct suction from customer tank

It is possible to cap different types of caps, such as: twist-off, plastic pre-threaded, crimped, pilferproof, childproof, fliptop, push-pull, pumps and it is composed of:

One cap placing station and one capping station

Examples of suitable plastic caps

Examples of suitable metal caps

Labelling machines, inkjet printers, induction sealers or sleevers can be add to offer the customer a turnkey plant

Labelling machine and inkjet printer

Induction sealing


Possible configurations

personalizzazioni macchine rotative 800 - 2000 pcs/h
layout 1 macchina rotativa 800-2000 pcs/h


Layout with bottles and caps input on the left, and bottles output on the right.

Layout 2 macchina rotativa 800 - 2000 pcs/h


Layout with bottles and caps input on the right, and bottles output on the left.

layout 3 macchina rotativa 800 - 2000 pcs/h


It is also possible to configure the machine with input and output of bottles on the same side, as in this layout.


Dimensions 1100 x 1100 x 2250
Pneumatic components Festo/Camozzi
Consumption 400V-50Hz, compressed air 6bar
Power 8 kW
Air feeding 800Nl/min
Weight ~ 900kg
Maximal hourly production 2200pcs/h (subject to technical evaluation)

Are you looking for a custom-made machine?

We are specialized in the production of custom-made machines according to customer needs: contact us for more information!