Our semiautomatic piston filling machines are perfect for those looking for a small filling machine, but at the same time reliable, versatile and precise. Farms, holiday farms, food and cosmetic laboratories and, in general, small and medium-sized companies are the main users of these filling machines.

Entirely made of stainless steel, our piston fillers are equipped with simple and intuitive controls and assembled with tri-clamp connections for quick assembling and disassembling for cleaning and maintenance.

The versatility of our piston filling machines makes them suitable for liquid, creamy and dense products in the food, cosmetic and chemical sectors. Depending on the employed product, suitable gaskets are used.

The internal design and production allow us to customize our piston fillers with valves, nozzles and hoppers suitable for the employed product and the specific production needs of the customer.

We also produce hoppers of various capacities, heated and with mixers, which always make the machines unique and different from each other.



Micro/Rid 1 - 18 cc Midi/Rid 5 - 385 cc
Mini/Rid 1 - 38 cc Midi 20 - 700 cc
Micro 2 - 48 cc Standard 50 - 1500 cc
Mini 2 - 100 cc Standard Mag - 50-2200 cc
Mignon 5 - 250 cc Maxi 200 - 5600 cc



Riempitrici semiautomatiche Telm adatte per il settore alimentare


Riempitrici semiautomatiche Telm adatte per il settore cosmetico


Riempitrici semiautomatiche Telm adatte per il settore chimico


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