Semiautomatic filling machines

Handy, accurate and reliable

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Semiautomatic filling machines

Our semiautomatic filling machines are characterized by their precision, reliability, versatility and ease of use.

The filling is entrusted to volumetric piston fillers entirely made of AISI316 stainless steel. This allows us to accurately dose liquid and dense products, even hot and with suspended pieces, into plastic and glass bottles or jars in the food, cosmetic, chemical and para-pharmaceutical industries.

Our piston fillers can fill from 1ml to 5600ml, according to the model chosen. The filling volume can be manually adjusted from the appropriate handwheel, depending on the product and customer’s format.
Our dosers work with 6bar compressed air, are actuated by stepping on the pedal and have simple and intuitive controls. Thanks to the clamp fittings, all the components can be easily disassembled and cleaned without the use of special tools.

Why choose a Telm filling machine?


Reliable and precise

The piston filler precisely delivers the quantity of product set by the appropriate handwheel. Every time the operator steps on the pedal, the filling machine delivers in a regular and steady way the volume previously chosen.
Depending on the type of the product, we will recommend you the most suitable valve to dose it accurately.


Simple and intuitive

Our volumetric fillers are designed to offer customers the maximum ease of use.
Through the handwheel it is possible to choose the volume to be filled, within a range defined according to the model chosen.
Furthermore, by acting on the suction and dosing speed regulators, you can treat products of different viscosities, from liquid to dense, with the same machine.


Customizable and modular

Depending on the viscosity and type of product, our semi-automatic filling machines can be modulated and customized with:
• filling valves for thick products, even with pieces (sauces, ragout, jams, pâtés, creams, yogurt, ricotta, burrata, mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.)
• filling anti-drip valves for liquid and filamentary products (fruit juices, liquids, tonics, liquors, oil and vinegar, perfumes, essential oils, disinfectants, pesticides, detergents, solvents, honey, glucose, vinyl glue, acrygel, etc.)
• standard dispensing nozzles or with anti-drip system, anti-foam and wire cutter.
hoppers of various sizes and customizable with heating and/or mixing systems
• ad hoc structures designed to meet specific customer needs (ground structures, mobile trolleys, supports for baking trays, etc.)


Quality of the materials used

All our machines are made of AISI316 stainless steel and with commercial pneumatic components of Italian origin. This allows us to maintain high standards in terms of quality and performance of our machines.

We equip our semiautomatic filling machines with the most appropriate filling valve, according to product viscosity and characteristics. The type of valve used assures the maximum reliability of the filling operation. Here you are some examples:

valvola conica riempitrice semiautomatica - Dosatore volumetrico

Conical valve

valvola doppio on-off per macchina riempitrice semiautomatica Telm srl

Double on-off valve

valvola conica e antigoccia per riempitrice semiatuomatica Telm srl

Positive shut-off valve

Conical standard hoppers (6 liters, 15 liters, 30 liters) and cylindrical (15 liters and 30 liters) manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316L. On demand we manufacture custom-made hoppers with mixers and heating devices.

Conical hoppers

Cylindrical hoppers

Custom made hoppers


Clamp connections

Dosing and suction speed regulation

Manual handwheel

Model Volum (min-max) cc Air consumption Dimensions (approx) cm Weight kg
MINI / RID 1-38 60 Nl (normal litro) 50x75 20
MINI 2 - 100 60 Nl (normal litro) 50x75 20
MIGNON 5 - 250 60 Nl (normal litro) 50x75 20
MIDI / RID 5 - 385 150 Nl (normal litro) 50x75 30
MIDI 20 - 700 150 Nl (normal litro) 50x75 30
STANDARD 50 - 1500 150 Nl (normal litro) 50x75 30
MAXI 200 - 5600 220 Nl (normal litro) 50x75 50


Our filling machines are equipped with volumetric dosers entirely manufactured in stainless steel AISI 316 and with clamp connections. Here we present all models: in each model, it’s indicated a min and a max filling range.

Mini/Rid 1 - 38 cc Midi 20 - 700 cc
Mini 2 - 100 cc Standard 50 - 1500 cc
Mignon 5 - 250 cc Maxi 200 - 5600 cc
Midi/Rid 5 - 385 cc

Are you looking for a custom-made machine?

We are specialized in the production of custom-made machines according to customer needs: contact us for more information!