Suitable to handle with food products with chunks, this filling machine is equipped with a horizontal 50Lt. hopper with stirrer to maintain the product mixed avoiding the sedimentation of chunks. The hopper is at a height of about 2 metres from the ground.

This semi automatic filling machine is perfect for products such as ragu sauce, pesto, marmalades and similar foodstuffs. It’s possible to have the same machine in its heated version, for products which need to be kept hot.



Micro/Rid 1 - 18 cc Midi/Rid 5 - 385 cc
Mini/Rid 1 - 38 cc Midi 20 - 700 cc
Micro 2 - 48 cc Standard 50 - 1500 cc
Mini 2 - 100 cc
Mignon 5 - 250 cc


Proporzioni dosatore da banco con tramoggia e agitatore Telm srl


Riempitrici semiautomatiche Telm adatte per il settore alimentare


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