The company

When TELM was founded in 1972, it worked with materials such as stainless steel and aluminium. It began immediately to design volumetric dosers for automatic and semi-automatic filling machines. It went on to produce more and machines that could be custom-made and adapted for use in the foodstuff, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and herbalist sectors.

Five decades of experience in working with metals with complex geometries are reflected in the components and structures of each machine we manufacture.

We design and manufacture all our machines according to customer specifications, and also carry out the final inspection testing.

A great deal of importance is attached to the post-sales service, with a continuous availability of spare parts and direct assistance, either from our specialised technicians or through special remote assistance programmes.

Planning and technical advice department

All stages of production carried out in-house in Italy

Components and spare parts always available in our warehouse

TELM in the world

In addition to western Europe, our systems are also installed in small and large companies in North Africa, eastern Europe and Scandinavia, where we guarantee fast delivery of spare parts and prompt assistance when required.

The main benefits of TELM machinery are appreciated not only in Italy but also abroad: reliability, stability and prompt assistance when necessary. The internal warehouse assures short times for spare parts on all our plants.