LINE 112

Four heads filling line for cosmetic products

This automatic filling line is designed to handle cosmetic fluid products such as creams, gels and lotions into bottles and jars with different sizes.

One of the main advantages of this machinery is its versatility and flexibility. Indeed, it’s possible to handle containers with different shapes and made of different materials – as is often the case with cosmetics- with a very simple and quick format changeover.

The machine is equipped with a double step filling, in order to increase its production performance: with this system it’s possible to fill 8 bottles optimizing the technical times. The approximate hourly production of this filling line is 2000 pcs/h.


The product is fed in the machine by a horizontal heated hopper 100Lt. with stirrer. This allows to keep the product fluid enough to be sucked and filled.


The machine is equipped with:

– Loading table for empty bottles

– N.4 Volumetric piston fillers

– Unloading table for filled bottles

Moreover, it’s possible to add an automatic cap placing and capping station, or to complete the end-of-line with labelers, inkjet printer, etc.


Areas of application

The same machine can be used also in different fields:

  • food sector to fill sauces, creams, pâté, jams, juices, dressings, yogurt, etc.
  • chemical sector to fill pesticides, detergents, fertilizers, herbicides, paints, varnishes, etc.

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