Tavolo di riempimento e tappatura per bottiglie e bag-in-box Telm srl

Electropneumatic filling machine designed to fill bottles and bag-in-box. The specific interchangeable head makes it possible, with a single actuation by the operator, to extract the cap from the bag, fill it and automatically put the cap back on it. The product is sucked directly from customer’s tank, equipped with product output on the bottom.

It’s possible to place on the table also a semiautomatic capping machine for bottles.



Mini/Rid 1 - 38 cc Midi 20 - 700 cc
Mini 2 - 100 cc Standard 50 - 1500 cc
Mignon 5 - 250 cc Maxi 200 - 5600 cc
Midi/Rid 5 - 385 cc


Proporzioni riempitrici semiautomatiche Telm srl


Riempitrici semiautomatiche Telm adatte per il settore alimentare


Riempitrici semiautomatiche Telm adatte per il settore chimico


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